The Best Smiles are Built with Pregnancy and Dental Health Basics

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Did you know that your oral health can often receive a significant downturn in quality while you are pregnant? This is because pregnancy can increase your risk for several oral hygiene factors. Not only can pregnancy put you at an increased risk for further dental damage, but it is also important to care for your teeth during this crucial time.

With many other risks to your health that can arise during your pregnancy, it is important not to forget about your smile. One of the biggest oral health ailments that can arise due to pregnancy is the fact that your oral hygiene will begin to fail. This can lead to an increase in gum disease. In fact, poor oral hygiene during pregnancy has been linked to numerous health risks including gestational diabetes, premature delivery and preeclampsia.

Not only should you be routinely visiting your doctor while pregnant, but you should also be visiting your dentist. This is important as they will make sure they customize any oral health care treatments directly to your needs. Furthermore, always make sure that you are continuing to clean your mouth every day by brushing twice daily and flossing once a day. If you are taking any medications or prenatal vitamins, you will need to let your dentist now.

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