Periodontal Therapy in San Jose, CA

Your oral health consists of more than just taking care of your teeth — it also includes taking care of your gums, which can affect the health of your entire body! At AZ Dental, we are pleased to have an excellent and highly educated periodontist, Dr. Lynna Bui, who can evaluate your complete oral health and identify signs of gum disease. With any signs of gum disease, our skilled dental team can recommend any necessary treatments to restore your oral health and keep your smiling looking and feeling great.

For top periodontal therapy in San Jose, California, and beyond, visit us at AZ Dental!

Gum Disease Symptoms

patient smiling big in the mirror after getting periodontal treatment at AZ DentalIf your gums are swollen, red or tender, or if your gums bleed easily, it may be time to schedule a periodontal appointment at AZ Dental. Other common symptoms of gum disease include loose teeth, painful chewing, persistent bad breath and receding gums that make your teeth appear longer than normal. Following an exam at our office, our dentist and team will be able to determine whether you suffer from periodontal disease.

At AZ Dental, the treatment for gum disease is based on each patient's specific needs. Depending on the severity of the condition, our dentist may recommend additional professional dental cleanings, improved at-home oral hygiene, antibiotic treatment, scaling and root planing (deep cleanings), or gum surgery. We strive to help you restore your oral health and halt the progress of periodontal disease.

We offer the following periodontal treatments:

  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Periodontal Maintenance
  • Antibiotic Treatment
  • Bruxism Treatment
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Soft Tissue Grafting
  • Gum Recession Treatment
  • Scaling & Root Planing
  • Pocket Irrigation
  • Pocket Reduction Surgery
  • Regenerative Procedures

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a degenerative condition primarily caused by bacteria found in plaque. The bacteria inflame and infect the gum tissues, and when left untreated, the gums can eventually begin to pull away from the teeth. Untreated periodontal disease can result in bone loss, tooth loss and gum tissue recession.

If you experience irritated, inflamed, or bleeding gums, you may be experiencing the beginning stages of gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease can cause serious damage to your gums, teeth, and your jawbone. At AZ Dental, our experienced periodontist can determine the severity of your condition and provide gentle gum disease treatment in San Jose!

Periodontal Maintenance

Left treated, periodontal disease can result in the loss of teeth, gum tissue and bone. While gum disease is not curable, we can treat the condition and keep it under control to protect your oral health. Our dentist can provide periodontal maintenance to help treat periodontal disease and prevent the serious effects of the condition.

Periodontal maintenance involves visiting our San Jose dental office on a regular basis for a professional cleaning, including thorough cleanings both above and below the gum line, removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria to prevent the condition from worsening. By providing a cleaning at 12 weeks (three months), we are able to remove these bacteria and keep periodontal disease at bay.

Gum Recession Treatment

Is your smile looking a little more “toothy” than normal? If so, your gums could be receding. Gum disease is a serious and common condition, yet most people are unaware that they have it. However, gum recession is a common symptom, and if you notice that your smile is looking different due to a higher gum line, it is important to visit our periodontist right away.

In some cases, gum recession happens so gradually that you may not notice it until it begins to cause more severe damage. To help you catch the early signs of gum recession, take note of whether you are experiencing any of the following additional symptoms:

  • Bleeding, inflamed, or irritated gums
  • Chronic bad breath (halitosis)
  • Longer-looking teeth
  • Visible roots
  • Sensitive teeth

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a gum treatment that has both functional and aesthetic purposes. At AZ dental, we may recommend crown lengthening if your appearance is affected by what is sometimes called a “gummy smile.” A gummy smile is one in which the teeth appear abnormally short because of excessive gum tissue. 

In most cases, a gummy smile is the result of excessive gum tissue covering teeth that are a normal length and shape. To correct this problem and restore a smile you can show off with pride, our dentist may suggest crown lengthening. During this treatment, we will remove a small amount of the gum tissue, revealing more of the tooth structure and giving your smile a more aesthetic appearance. This usually requires just one visit to our San Jose dental office.

We may also recommend crown lengthening to make a restorative or cosmetic dental treatment possible. If the tooth is broken below or very close to the gumline or if insufficient tooth structure is left for a restoration, our dentist may use crown lengthening to expose more of the tooth so a restoration like a crown or bridge can be placed.

Soft Tissue Graft

A soft tissue graft, also called a gum graft, is a graft of gingival tissue. A gum graft may be needed to correct gingival recession or improve the appearance of an uneven gum line.

During the gum grafting procedure, our dentist will stitch grafting tissue onto the areas of the gums that need additional tissue. Based on your particular needs and desires, the tissue graft may be taken from another area of your mouth or from a tissue bank. When using your own tissues, the graft may be taken from the roof of the mouth or the surrounding gums. Our dentist will help you determine which type of gum graft is best suited to your individual needs. In some cases, we may also use tissue-stimulating proteins to encourage your body’s natural growth abilities and promote faster healing.


When our team performs deep cleaning treatments, our periodontist may recommend that you also receive some antibiotics. Once you leave our office, it can be easy for bacteria and plaque to start building up again, even with proper dental hygiene. Because some tissue may be severely damaged, antibiotics can help continue fighting off bacteria and give your smile a chance to repair itself. The severity of your condition may determine which type of antibiotic will benefit you the most. However, our doctors may choose from one of the following antibiotics:

  • Arestin®: a common antibiotic capsule that is placed under the gums’ surface after a thorough scaling and root planing procedure, slowly releasing antibiotics over several days.
  • Actisite®: a small strip coated in tetracycline hydrochloride that is placed between the gums and the tooth surface. The tetracycline hydrochloride fights against periodontal bacteria and helps reduce pocket size.
  • Atridox®: a topical gel that hardens after being rubbed on the gums’ surface, releasing antibiotics throughout several days.
  • Macrolide antibiotics: oral antibiotics used to fight periodontal bacteria and gum inflammation.

There are several other antibiotic options available to patients with periodontal disease, and our doctor will help find the option that is best for you. We welcome you to call or visit our practice with any questions or concerns you may have. We are always happy to help!

Your Periodontal Consultation

At AZ Dental, your periodontal treatment will be customized to best meet your needs. Call to schedule your periodontal consultation with our team to determine the best ways to restore your healthy gums!

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