Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in San Jose, CA

When you need oral surgery near San Jose, visit AZ Dental! We offer a wide selection of surgical procedures designed to improve the function, health, and appearance of your smile and the surrounding structures, including the gums and jawbones. While we strive to provide the most conservative treatment possible, oral surgery may be necessary to correct certain conditions and improve your oral and overall health. Oral surgery may include

woman smiling before her oral surgery procedure at AZ DentalAt AZ Dental, our on-site oral surgeon has completed years of specialized training to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible, whether it's for a simple extraction or more complex oral surgery. If you need oral and maxillofacial surgery in San Jose for health, cosmetic, or emergency needs, AZ Dental is here to provide the care you need! 

At AZ Dental, our in-house oral surgery solutions include:


If you have a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy in the past but is causing pain once again, you may need an apicoectomy. In most cases, once your tooth has undergone root canal therapy it will not require further endodontic treatment for the rest of your life; however, for some patients, the tooth may not heal properly or may develop a new infection. If this occurs, we may recommend an endodontic treatment known as an apicoectomy, or endodontic surgery. 

An apicoectomy involves making a small incision in your gum tissues near the tooth in order to access the underlying bone. We can then remove the very end of the root tip and any other infected tissues. We place a small filling to seal the end of the root canal, and a few stitches may be needed to help your gum tissues heal. Over the next few months, your bone will heal around the end of the tooth root.

Bone Graft Surgery

Bone graft surgery may be required when the jawbone is not dense or thick enough to support dental implant placement. During a bone graft at AZ Dental, we will transplant a piece of bone from another area of your jaw or body to your jawbone. Your jawbone will then grows together with the grafted bone tissue, creating a stronger, more stable foundation.

While bone grafts are most commonly needed for implant dentistry, they may also be required for certain types of periodontal therapy when bone has been lost due to gum disease.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, may be needed if your smile's health, function and appearance are affected by problems that cannot be corrected through more conservative treatments. Surgical treatment may be needed to correct abnormalities in the teeth, jaws or facial bones. It is especially important to receive the treatment you need if these abnormalities are causing difficulties in speaking, chewing, eating, sleeping or other routine activities. Jaw surgery can also help to improve your oral appearance and even the appearance of your overall facial profile.

At AZ Dental, we use the latest technology, techniques and materials to ensure that you achieve the best possible results. Before your treatment, we will review the procedure with you and show you the details of the treatment so you can feel as comfortable as possible. 

Tooth Extraction

For teeth that are decayed, damaged, injured or infected to the point that an effective restoration is impossible, our team may recommend a gentle extraction. 

Wisdom Tooth

dentist pointing at an x-ray showing impacted wisdom teethFor wisdom teeth that are impacted, are causing pain, or have grown in at an incorrect angle, our team offers gentle wisdom tooth extractions. Wisdom tooth removal can be critical to preventing tooth pain, crowded teeth, and even infection. Our team will work with you to determine the best timing for you or your child to undergo wisdom tooth removal! 

Impacted Tooth Removal 

In some cases, a tooth does not break through the gums and remains stuck in the bone and gum tissues. This is known as an impacted tooth. The wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the teeth that most commonly become impacted, when is not enough room in the dental arch for them to fully and properly erupt. Impacted wisdom teeth are typically removed in order to avoid complications with the health of the teeth, gums and jawbone.

Upper canines are also commonly impacted teeth (also known as the eye teeth). If the canine teeth do not erupt as normal, our dentist will check the position of the adjacent teeth to make certain that the canines have sufficient space to grow in. We may also take x-rays to determine whether the canines are impacted, check the impacted tooth’s position and assess any effects on the neighboring teeth and structures to determine your ideal treatment plan to expose the impacted canines. 

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift surgery, sometimes called a sinus augmentation, is a treatment that may be needed to add bone to the upper jaw in the area of the back teeth (molars and premolars) to enable successful implant placement. The maxillary sinuses are located above the upper jawbone on either side of your nose.

When a tooth has been lost from the upper jaw, there may not be sufficient bone structure in the sinus region to place a dental implant. Tooth loss also leads to bone loss because the bone begins to be resorbed once the teeth have been lost or removed. Teeth that have been missing for a longer period of time or bone loss due to periodontal disease may further contribute to lack of bone for implant placement. During the sinus lift procedure, we gently lift the sinus membrane and push it up and away from the jaw. We then add bone grafting material in the area where the sinus was to add to the bone structure.

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Our skilled team will carefully evaluate your smile and your needs to determine whether oral surgery is the best available treatment choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about oral surgery and schedule your individual consultation!

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