Simple Steps to Understanding Endodontics

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Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry designed for repairing key aspects of a tooth, specifically the pulp of the tooth and tissues within the root. The root is often considered the life force of a tooth, as it contains the nerve endings, connective tissues, and blood vessels of the tooth, all of which are highly complex and require advanced dental care.

Endodontics require an additional two years of advanced medical training for dentists so that they can perform complex treatments such as root canal therapies and endodontic surgeries designed to save damaged or broken teeth. In many instances, the damaged teeth otherwise would need to be extracted. In the United States alone, endodontists save millions of teeth every year with treatments such as root canals.

Although some teeth may appear to be on their deathbed and seem to be destined for extraction, it may be possible for endodontists to save the tooth with a root canal. In some instances, a tooth that has received a root canal therapy may be able to last a lifetime of use. By saving a tooth with a root canal therapy, they can allow a tooth to be more functional for chewing foods, allow the tooth to keep its natural look, and save your smile from the need for a prosthetic tooth replacement.

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