When our periodontist talks about pockets, she is referring to areas around your teeth where your gums have receded and created areas where bacteria and plaque can build up. Pockets can be detrimental to your oral health, as the bacteria inside of them can feed your infection and cause your condition to get worse. When you visit Dr. Bui at AZ Dental, she may suggest a pocket irrigation treatment to remove the bacteria that has gathered inside your gums’ pockets. To learn more about gum disease and pocket irrigation in San Jose, California, we welcome you to call us at 408-295-1100 and schedule an appointment with our periodontists today.

A common symptom of gum disease is gum recession, and in many cases, when the gums begin to recede, they create pockets around your teeth. These pockets provide an easy hiding place for plaque and bacteria to build up and cause your condition to get worse. When you visit our periodontist, she can help identify pockets and provide treatment to reduce the amount of bacteria inside them, thus improving your oral health. One of the most common treatments is called pocket irrigation.

Pocket irrigation involves using a small, handheld tool called a pocket irrigators. Pocket irrigators have a long, narrow point that shoots concentrated amounts of water. Our periodontist will target your pockets with this water stream to gently and effectively remove anything that is inside the pockets. In many cases, pocket irrigation is followed by a pocket reduction treatment to reduce the depth of the pockets and prevent them from filling with bacteria and plaque again.

Pocket irrigators can also be used during your routine cleanings, as they can also help remove hardening plaque between the teeth or in difficult-to-reach places. You can also use a pocket irrigator at home, which our doctor may recommend if you could benefit from having a dental routine that involves more than just brushing and flossing. When you visit our practice, our periodontist can help you know if additional or at-home pocket irrigation would be beneficial for your oral health.