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Cracked teeth can cause severe pain, and it is important to get them properly treated as soon as possible. In some cases, however, cracked teeth can be difficult to locate. At AZ Dental, Dr. Anastasios Photopoulos can help identify your cracked tooth and provide the necessary treatment. If you are experiencing tooth pain, we welcome you to contact our practice at 408-295-1100 and schedule your appointment with our endodontist and receive your cracked tooth treatment in San Jose, California.

Cracked teeth are a fairly common occurrence, but they can cause great pain if they are left untreated. There are many different types of cracked teeth. Some range from tiny cracks on the biting surface that can be missed in exams or on X-rays to cracks that go all the way into your tooth’s roots. Because cracked teeth can be difficult to identify, here are some other symptoms that are often associated with cracked teeth:

  • Pain that cannot be pinpointed to one location
  • Inexplicable pain while eating
  • Heightened tooth sensitivity

At our practice, our endodontist can help locate your cracked tooth and provide the necessary treatment. Depending on the severity of your cracked tooth, our doctor will perform different procedures. If your crack is confined to the biting surface of your tooth, it can be treated with a filling or dental bonding. For cracks that extend into the crown of the tooth, you may require a dental crown restoration. If the crack extends into your tooth’s roots, will most likely need to be treated with a root canal or an extraction.

If you experience any of the symptoms above, we invite you to call or visit our practice today. Our caring and talented endodontist can help care for your cracked teeth and restore your comfort. Contact us with any questions; we are always happy to help!

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