Things to Consider Before Piercing Your Tongue

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If you are thinking about piercing your tongue or any part of your mouth, you should seriously consider the risks you are taking with your oral health.

One serious risk that accompanies piercings is Infection. Infections can lead to a variety of health problems. If you decide to have your tongue pierced, you should make sure that the proper sterilization, hygiene and infection control measures are used. Infections from piercings can contribute to certain types of hepatitis and endocarditis.

There is potential for dental damage from piercings. The barbell and stud will continually strike your teeth, which will wear down the enamel, cause a gap between your front teeth, or create chips and cracks which could allow bacteria to penetrate your tooth. An infected tooth may require a root canal or even an extraction.

Some of the other complications that can be caused by oral piercings include:

-Decreased ability to chew and swallow
-A risk of severe blood loss during the piercing procedure
-Damage to the gum tissues
-A swollen of the tongue which can block your airway
-Speech impediments
-Drooling from an increase of saliva flow

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