Restoring Your Smile with Gum Disease Treatments

Although gum disease can be present, the indications of its presence may not always be clear. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, refers to an oral health condition resulting in severe infections within your gums. Gum disease can arise due to pregnancy, medications, improper oral health care, and genetics. In order to treat gum disease, it is important to... read more »

A Compromised Temporary Crown Needs to Be Repaired as Soon as Possible

A temporary crown is essentially a hard plastic cap that is intended to protect an anchoring abutment while the final dental work is being created in a dental lab. This is a common part of dental crown and dental bridge restorations. It’s important to remember that a temporary dental crown does not effectively restore the tooth’s ability to bite, chew,... read more »

If You Have a Chipped Dental Bridge, You Need to Have It Examined by a Dentist

Dental bridge restorations are typically created from durable materials meant to replicate the original durability and function of healthy tooth enamel. However, there are still times where the force exerted by grinding your teeth or some form of dental trauma can chip or fracture a dental bridge. If you are in the San Jose, California, area and you suffer damage... read more »