The Best Smiles are Built with Pregnancy and Dental Health Basics

Did you know that your oral health can often receive a significant downturn in quality while you are pregnant? This is because pregnancy can increase your risk for several oral hygiene factors. Not only can pregnancy put you at an increased risk for further dental damage, but it is also important to care for your teeth during this crucial time.... read more »

Oral Hygiene Tips for Every Age

Our dentist, Dr. Navdeep Aulakh, cares about you and your smile, which is why he strongly encourages you to keep up on oral hygiene, no matter your age! To help you, our dental team is happy to give you the oral hygiene tips and recommendations for every age group. For babies, it’s best to brush their teeth with a child-sized... read more »

How to Maintain a Strong Smile When You Have Diabetes

Do you have diabetes? If so, your smile is vulnerable to many dental issues, as you may have already known. This is why it’s strongly recommended to keep a close eye on your teeth and gums. You need to care for them on a regular basis so you can maintain a strong and healthy smile. To help you do so,... read more »