Oral Health Care Facts Blog: TMJs

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Do you find your jaw causing you any discomfort or pain? If so, you may be suffering from a TMJ disorder. TMJs, also called temporomandibular joints, are ball-and-socket joints in your jaw that are extremely complex and thus, very important. They facilitate the movement of your jaw so that you can open and close your mouth and chew foods.

Now is a great opportunity to think about what healthy TMJs can do for you, so consider the following treatment plans if you are suffering from a TMJ disorder:

– If your TMJ is causing you jaw pain, there may be a hidden illness within your mouth or body contributing to it.
– Your mouth cannot take continued damage due to TMJ disorders, so it is important to stop all bad habits that could make it worse, including chewing gum, eating hard foods, or even biting your nails.
– In order to better help you cope with the stress and anxiety that is often linked with TMJ disorders, try practicing yoga or biofeedback.
– In the case of many TMJ disorders, frequent side effects include pain, discomfort, or swelling. Different types of treatments to use include ice packs for pain and heat packs for swelling.

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