Learning More About Halitosis

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All of us struggle with bad breath or halitosis from time to time. Learning more about some of the causes can help with prevention. Below are some common things that contribute to the problem.

Most people know that strong-smelling foods like onions, garlic and coffee can cause bad breath, but it may surprise you to know that diet sodas can also contribute. Sugary foods can also contribute by causing tooth decay that can cause a foul smell as sugar rots. Brushing your teeth after eating or drinking can help avoid the odor associated with these foods.

Low carb diets can lead to bad breath because when the body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates, it produces ketones that have a strong smell.

Both cigarettes and chewing tobacco have negative effects on your smile. Tobacco not only stains your teeth but also can cause damage to your gums, creating bad breath.

Poor Health
If you have tried to eliminate your halitosis and have had little success, there may be a more serious problem. Consider following up with your doctor and ruling out any infections or stomach problems that can cause bad breath.

Regular cleanings are always important, so please call AZ Dental at 408-295-1100 in San Jose, California, and schedule a cleaning and exam. Our dentist, Dr. Navdeep Aulakh, can discuss prevention methods with you.