Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy at All Ages With These Training Tips

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It’s important to care for your child’s smile, and AZ Dental can help you know how to do so from the time that they are very young to their teenage years. Here are some training tips to help you improve your child’s dental health at any age:

– Babies: Baby teeth need care as soon as they erupt, even if there is just one tooth. Brush your child’s teeth twice a day with a kid toothbrush and child’s toothpaste, and check their smile often for signs of cavities so that you can bring your baby to our office as soon as possible.

– Young kids: Older children want to brush and floss on their own, and it’s good to have them practice, though they may not do so thoroughly and effectively. Children younger than seven often struggle, so you may need to step in and help sometimes.

– Pre-teens: This age, your child can understand the importance of brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and rinsing with beneficial mouthwash. The should also be eating lots of tooth-healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

– Teens: If your teen is concerned about their appearances struggles to brush and floss properly, reminding them that neglected smiles can turn yellow and gray and suffer bad breath can provide sufficient motivation.

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