If You Have a Chipped Dental Bridge, You Need to Have It Examined by a Dentist

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Dental bridge restorations are typically created from durable materials meant to replicate the original durability and function of healthy tooth enamel. However, there are still times where the force exerted by grinding your teeth or some form of dental trauma can chip or fracture a dental bridge. If you are in the San Jose, California, area and you suffer damage to your dental bridge or another form of dental work, you should have it examined and treated at the dental offices of AZ Dental.

Even if the damaged bridge doesn’t cause discomfort, you should not procrastinate seeking professional dental care. The longer you delay the more likely you are to suffer significant complications If some form of dental trauma has left you with blood or unwanted material in your mouth you can clear your mouth with a gentle rinse with little lukewarm saltwater. Your dentist and their staff will handle any other cleaning measure.

If the damage is limited to the dental bridge and the anchoring abutments are intact, your dentist might be able to simply fit you for a new bridge. If one of the abutments has been damaged, he might need to perform a root canal. This will restore sufficient structure for securing a new dental bridge in place.

If you are in the San Jose, California, area and you have a damaged dental bridge, you should call 408-295-1100 to have it examined and treated at AZ Dental.